Two streams of viewing

breaking down the basement levels of what is fundamentally the root of perceptions…
In this breaking down , I am observing and sharing the aspects as it presents itself…
i address streams of consciousness as in two types that predominantly allow duality to come forward…
What is wholeness and what is oneness?


Event +T.ransition +I.ntelligence+E.nergy =Consciousness

We approach a NEW Consciousness related to “Time” that corresponds to the fields that surround us as  streams of information… Your Intention creates a stream of energy that starts up or engage in what is already surrounding you – Observing Creation through Consciousness. Thus creating a new flux of insight. Insight and the event isRead moreRead more

Armed Heart the Quantum Heart

Armed Heart the Quantum Heart Enter Quantum Heart represents a process of heart in an empowered way The Clarity of the first Creation and the Fallen simulation as the second creation this one that we are living in. We have to look at the clarity of the very first Creation and the second Creation how itRead moreRead more