Q and A : Why ? The Art of Questions

Q: Why Am I still not married yet?

There is a fine line in wanting to get married and what your intention is to be married?
you will need to be clear on what it is that you are seeking so that the universe can sense this, so that these emotional energies can be picked up and sent back to you, so that your inner creative power can be used to work with you, instead of feeling that you are merely existing.

Feeling that there is no purpose other than to get married, Will that fulfill your desires?

for example if it is to be loved , do you feel love towards yourself as a person feeling worthy of it? or is it security,safety,children etc? do you feel you cant come by with your current financial situations?
It is important to verify who you are to yourself, get to know who you truly are deeply in your heart, this is the question of who you are .
Who are you truly? identity vs condition

who am i


Feeling alone is a condition that you feel you are in, if you feel lonely or alone, this is not who you are, this is not your identity,

feeling lonely is the condition of not feeling happy with your own company, not feeling that you are also your best friend, lover and companion, spiritual guide.

Is there a reason to feel like this? deep questions like these must be answered in honesty and deep heartfelt truth. Remember to know what the difference is between the Self identity and the condition.
Being honest with yourself is a start…
So what I am saying is that you need to decide, if you are seeking love, it requires you to work on setting out the task of working on who you are first and then feeling that you can love yourself first, before you seek it from another.
This is the point of where love will be drawn to you. Remember what you sow as in thoughts that you think of yourself will return to you.
Sowing seeds of love, will reap fruits of love

Sowing these seeds that you are planting within your thoughts, knowing that you are worthy and feel worthy of love, even if there is no one in your immediate circles.
All is possible with intention.
Lets say you wanted to get married for security,
Then the same qualifying questions apply, is it because you feel you need to be cared for, made to feel safe, need money? Is this security more about being together and feeling that you and the significant other will go through things together but be in balance.
Think about what your intentions are and than go within your mind and clear up why you feel that you need this security, and is this security substituted for money or for something else?

This is a hard one to consider but if you try to find the bulls eye, your aim as in your intentions need to be true to who you are.

You are not the sum of your experiences you are worthy of knowing that you are more than all of that combined and that this is also merely a path that you can choose to go through or to choose to understand.

Understanding and Wisdom is what will help you to bridge these emotional issues.


Take Care!


How to Create Prosperity?

I will need to explain a few things first, to create prosperity for yourself you will need to understand that all things that you think and feel about yourself , this is all emotions and thoughts it doesn’t matter what kind are projected outward, or more simply put, your emotions are what drives everything. This is based on the principle of what goes out comes back, what you sow you will reap, follow this so far?

universe within

The next thing is that all things that are positive in nature such as abundance financially, love happiness etc come to you when you start to feel and think this about yourself as if you already are in possession of it, of these things.
There are also emotions of fear and feeling that things done work out which are related to how you feel about yourself, such as feelings not feeling happy with yourself or not feeling that you can do things right or feelings of loss, not gaining anything etc…

Fine Tune your Heart

images  heart ego and karma

So the next thing is to work on setting up thoughts to the correct feelings, feelings that feel right, that feel good.

Set the intention Now to create the your own self empowerment! I personally use mantras, like prayers or affirmative words because this i have found to be the best solution…
Its a maintenance thing actually,
So for clear thoughts and setting the positive nature in place for yourself you will have to work on remembering the good things that are around you, being grateful and knowing that you are feeling worthy of positive things.

Its a new and old concept because we all struggle to get through these hurdles., So these mantras will stimulate your internal creative energy, connected to your heart , it is important that you try this for at least 2-3wks because it takes the brain to create a new habit in two weeks and the third one to see and feel the results,

I do mine every day because i would like to be my own boss, and make my own destiny, this is why i don’t stop…

Here goes needs to be done 21 times out loud daily :

1. I am infinite consciousness, i am protected guided grounded worthy and my path is cleared, I am whole i am loved, I am creative.

2. I am financially abundant, It is an abundantly wealthy universe and I have full access of it. The Universe is within you and you are a reflection of the greater universe Let me know if you follow what i have sent to you? and if you have any questions?

Let me know!

With Love



Alchemy of Truth

Alchemy Of Truth

What is Alchemy Of Truth

Alchemy is a philosophical and protoscientific tradition practiced throughout Europe, Egypt and Asia. It aimed to purify, mature, and perfect certain objects.[1][2][n 1] Common aims were chrysopoeia, the transmutation of “base metals” (e.g., lead) into “noble” ones (particularly gold); the creation of an elixir of immortality; the creation of panaceas able to cure any disease; and the development of an alkahest, a universal solvent.[3] The perfection of the humanbody and soul was thought to permit or result from the alchemical magnum opus and, in the Hellenistic and western tradition, the achievement of gnosis

The Purifying process of Truth

” To make means the taking up of responsibility for yourself , To know you have free will…This choice takes courage and an awareness.”



Armed Heart

We were all hurt in some way or another by the malevolent forces atop the pyramids of control, how we have been following orders for so long and how our gifts as gifted individuals men and women abused in mental capacities to make us forget who we truly are .

The Earth has a Creative Power that is being manipulated by evil beings that have no warmth in their hearts, A Heart becomes cold once it is broken and not restored. How they Do it:

Using An Illusionary Frequency to bring one down to subservience dissociative disorder

Breaking the heart into two polarities, or duality, Causal emotional destruction of sense of Self
Access the broken heart and manipulate it , pump it full of frequencies to harden and create separatism with Self- mind control, mind games etc.
Disassociation sets in, Alteration, Duality not in wholeness but in separation with Self
Psychopathic tendencies, coldness,apathy
Dark Magicians are manipulating the earth’s creative energy in the same manner, accessing the creative electromagnetic core of this planet, which is embedded in the frequencies, which is embedded in the electromagnetic heart frequencies of all that lives on the planet.

Sort of using your magic against you by making you believe that you are separated from it in the first place by using electromagnetic energy, electronic magic, this is also called electromagnetic charge or your chi energy.

The only way to break this spell of feeling heart broken is by uniting the heart towards itself, Pull yourself towards yourself. Using A mantra will change this heartbreak Frequency, It is a Frequency War.

It is time for the Earth to come into a transition. This Heart Break is not necessarily an actual one but it works on the principal of the First Love , Creator and Creation, Father son , this type of scenario.

People are in total ignorance and masters in total knowledge, designed, ego identification, they don’t care about individuality but the collectivism, like a little secret society click in their own system.

We have a choice to stand together to work on our heart centeredness , this heart centeredness is not new but an old inherited right to exist in a sovereign state of consciousness, This sovereign state of awareness and heart energy

Action must come in to release this sacred knowledge. The creative energy can destroy the entire mainframe of the control systems, by making the heart whole and by taking responsibility for your heart energy. A whole heart can not be broken, it is the sacred pulse of the sacred masculine and feminine energy that we are in and are existing in.

Our gifts ! not theirs ! that which we came with into this realm, or current timeline, our Identities ripped from us making us believe we are lost and broken, blocking us from getting jobs , stalking us, terrifying us!, spying on us and hurting our children, We can not let this carry on anymore, we need to stand up and connect fully with ourselves and each other so that we can fight this Cold heartedness that is in our midst.

We could overthrow the entire matrix system by shaming the ones who are running rampant now, the heartless ones. The shame game, SHAME, SHAME comes from feeling ashamed and this comes from heart. A Heart that is in Division right now in terms of who its masters are.

A whole heart is formidable and a force to be reckoned with, standing for moral principals.

Evil does not come from the outside but is caused by division, this is an inversion of that which already exists as the creative force that is on our planet.

This Apathy comes from the Divided Heart Of Consciousness your change comes from within and not from what is outward. We are Universal and reflect the universe outwardly from the heart center.

I use Mantras to channel my electromagnetic heart frequency through sound and words,

I do this Mantra daily 21 times, it takes 21 times to create a new habit btw,




THIS MANTRA IS POWERFUL and making a big difference on the planet

Please let me know if there are any questions , or ideas, this is simply an observation and I would really like to sort all this crap out on the planet, I believe we actually can.

Heart ego and Karma

Heart balanced by trudy barnes

I am very glad that you have managed to work through the mantras, they are quite slow at first and work subtly , the further one progresses with it , the stronger the energy works inside of our consciousness. Glad you have gotten over the first hard part, and that was to get to the second aspect or phase of the mantra. Its hard to start the mantra because there will be inundated things that will distract us, but it shows you that it is working, like the mind is trying to make you feel that you should give up. Similar to taking medicine at first, no quick fixes, when it comes to working on the human condition.

Though you are a very positive person the mantras refine you even more so, its really good that you have maintained this in your life, you are very strong and courageous to have set this to task.

Yes the mantra can even help the planet, we have been working on doing this, it takes longer because people are not static, they are in continuous motion, so frequencies adapt and shift, sometimes the shifts are also voluntarily distractions….

The mantra is connected to your heart, you set the intention, your heart releases or switches on the intention, your sound speaking the words is carried outward and changes two things inside the other person’s emotions (because your intention sets this up) and emotions changes the heart.

So words change water(inside us is 72% water+ 12% earth + 6% air + 4 % fire + remaining space ether)  through sound and frequency, the heart is the amplifier, intention and sound, Love is the bandwidth that this frequency works on. Our hearts are connected to the earth and beyond us, Spirit and energy and etheric. So the sound of what you speak and reverberates in frequency to the intention that you are focusing on. Speaking with heart to another who has no heart or no heart feeling can shift them into a heart frequency or send them running away to avoid it. Psychopaths don’t want to feel or are unable to feel, so they avoid this.

heart ego and karma


If I say a mantra for myself and I become more healed my heart and my frequency changes those who come in contact with me, All is energy and electromagnetic frequency.

So, You are changing a stranger’s life if you wanted to, by healing aspects within yourself, this does not necessary mean that you have the same hurt or wound, but your willingness to heal is what changes the other person’s perception through their own heart frequency, it’s a good thing that she has responded so well, will give her courage to deal with her own healing even so further on as we progress.

Mantras are like verbal EFT for the soul.

Karma, “So I have a couple questions for you.  First one is Karma.  I believe that the soul, spirit or source fragment that is within us all, has experienced numerous lifetimes.  These lifetimes are the opportunity to learn lessons, through free will, in order to grow and mature.  That being said, mistakes along the way are inevitable.  Every action has an opposite reaction.  So any wrong doing against another has a penalty attached to it.  If that misdeed was not recognized or corrected in this lifetime, that reaction or penalty carries over to the next lifetime to be paid up.   Karma.  I have made some mistakes, but I believe that in this lifetime I am on the positive side of the equation.  Can you tell me anything about my previous lives, and whether or not I have to atone for anything?  

Answer: Karma is connected to the law of Cause and effect rightly so, but not an equal opposite effect, It’s a tricky situation but ignorance of that which we do or that we betray our hearts through our mind and our actions leads to the cosmic drama of karma…We judge ourselves, The key to understanding it is how we contribute in creating our immediate world around us, we learn to recover this by taking responsibility for ourselves and what we create.

Humanity is living in a causal modality, Karma does not exactly exist, it is the law of Causality that we need to be mindful of, yes I can see that you were once in this very same situation but you handled it in a different way, though now you are releasing many of these old belief systems by embracing your heart, as the only act that we can do wrong in our existence is to betray our heart energy, to be disconnected from the heart more realistically. As it is the heart that connects all of us and gives healing, love is the expression of the heart. There is no need to atone, you are already in the corrective path and clearing up that which you were involved in, by doing good and helping others around you…you have consistently changed your life path to better your life unknowingly and knowingly through your actions.

“Secondly, how significant is my personal achievement of inner balance, to the positive effects of the whole?  Or, is strengthening my own timeline, the only thing that matters?  In other words, how important is my contribution to peace, in this lifetime?”

Answer: Your contribution to your own inner peace is more vital than that of achieving it for the greater, a peaceful man can effect peace in his immediate environment , do not waver from this and you will change more around you by changing yourself. Taking responsibility is an important key to affecting mass change. If you want to affect the immediate environment, it is your choice to do so , by simply doing good to all around you…simple care as you are already doing. Spread the word by being the example not for anyone but for yourself.

“Lastly, How can I become more attuned and aligned with my higher self for guidance, and continue increasing my frequency/vibration?  

Answer: By acknowledging the things that you see around you in the changes as you have mentioned, remember I asked that you pay attention to the simple changes around you, now reflect on these and realize that you are becoming more aligned to that which you have started to create as inner peace within you, and that inner peace is the effect of the changing the heart frequency within you. This is how you change your world, the more you see synchronicity in a positive way the more you reach that positive inner peace.

I would like to think that I have dropped my ego a long time ago, but it still surfaces sometimes.  What is the best way to filter or ignore the “Monkey Mind” and remain more heart centered?”

Answer: The ego is an aspect of the mind that will always natter  in the background, the best way to filter out the monkey natter is to understand why it natters in the first place, ego is connected to limited reasoning, this is why the mantra gives the mind something to do, yes the heart can at times overpower the mind. The ego needs to be given a task of reasoning that it can continuously try to resolve without exhausting yourself, so what I do is to try and find something to focus on, be it an animal and to connect with it emotionally, physically, than saying the mantra.

The more you try to force the mind to be quiet, the more it will chatter, so the mantra will systematically train your mind to adjust to the heart frequency.

Time and patience!

Animals and Their Souls

“Until one has loved an animal,
a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Anatole France

pet rescue


Please see the following link to help where you can, Muffins Animal Haven

*Please Contact Samantha Adopt a Pet! Donate a bag of 25kg Animal Food as  adoption fee, we feed rescues and strays where we can….adoption forms available!”


Article Ref:  http://www.selfhealingexpressions.com

What Animals Teach Us About Spirituality:

Celebrating Life with Our Pets
By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway and Rev. Victor Fuhrman

Celebrating our pets, and celebrating with our pets, has become a national pastime.

We love our pets. And statistics show that we are willing to spend oodles on our poodles, kitties, horses and other animals, keeping them well-fed, well-groomed, stylishly attired, happy, healthy and safe.

More than 70 million American’s share their homes with cats, 60 million with dogs, and 2 or more adore their domestic birds. At least 65% of all homes in the United States own at least one pet. Financial surveys tell us that people spend more of their disposable income on their pets in times of economic expansion. For example, the most recent statistics tell us the pet care industry is raking in about 30 billion, and growing stronger.

Animal lovers agree that pet’s are a loving addition to our lives.

  • Studies have shown that people who own pets, live longer, feel better and feel they have a friend who will love them without conditions and listen without judgment.
  • Pets bring comfort to the ill, mobility to the disabled, and sense of kinship and protection to children.
  • For many people, the relationship with a pet mirrors the relationship they have, or would otherwise have, with a child or any intimate family member. Many of us simply do not distinguish between animal and human family members.
  • As our human relationships becoming trickier and more challenging in our lives, some of us choose to place focus on our pets as their primary relationships in life.
  • More of us lavish attention on pets. We look for ways to enjoy life together – living in pet friendly environments, traveling to animal friendly locales, toting doggies to special events, buying pet presents for birthdays, Christmas and beyond.

“For many of us, pets are as much a part of the family as any human member,” says my friend Dr. Dan Neuharth (Ph.D.), Marriage and Family Therapist and author of Secrets You Keep from Yourself: How to Stop Sabotaging Your Happiness. “Perhaps it’s the unconditional love pets provide. Perhaps having a smaller critter to care for and watch out for brings out the best in us. Perhaps pets are so themselves, so congruous, so present, that it gives we humans an inspiring example.”

A boom in honoring animal spirituality
In recent years there has been much growth and interest in animal spirituality, and human spiritual connection to animals. We’ve seen a growing number of books exploring pets as our angels and guardians here on earth and on communicating with animals. We have also seen a huge increase in “Blessings of the Animals” taking place around the country. Once the domain of the Catholic Church and some Christian denominations, more and more interfaith and non denominational groups are offering blessings for all the neighborhood pets.

Perhaps pets put us deeply in touch with a state if being that sages and spiritual leaders have tried to help us attain: Living in the moment. That’s what pet’s do best. And many would say that is the moment in which spirit can be most easily accessed.

Whatever the reason, we adore the domestic animals we invite into our lives. They fill a special place in our hearts, and homes. Not only do we treat them like family – or better in some cases! – we want for them all the things want for any family member.

Many people are recognizing the spiritual nature of all “creatures great and small.” A lot of them happen to be pet owners. Pet Spirituality, and spirituality shared with our pets, is flourishing along with high end dog collars and gourmet fish food. And celebrating life with our pets has become a way of life!

Copyright © 2008 Laurie Sue Brockway. All rights reserved.

More Reading Material : https://www.seeker.com/animals-said-to-have-spiritual-experiences-discovery-news-1766483121.html





Consult Your Soul

article ref: https://augtellez.wordpress.com/2017/03/20/vampires-must-feed-or-they-become-violent-the-continuing-unveiling-of-the-human-soul/

Vampires Must Feed or They Become Violent, The Continuing Unveiling of the Human Soul

And be sure to realize, the people that need to ‘feed’ on others, like a vampire, those are people who are possessed with spirits. They must emotionally and mentally sustain themselves through validation for their perverse behavior and if they cannot receive that attention-validation through positive means (receiving support for perverse desires and ritualistic hazing and games) they will do this through negative means (receiving hatred or disgust for perversion and playing mind-games). Don’t feed the beast, they are starving in this time because of an operation. I was involved in the unacknowledged special access programs which are a series of military and cross-civilization projects designed to test the capabilities of the human as well as monitor the vampire situation. Some of these projects are involved with feeding a large portion of these vampires in order to find a way to safely protect humanity from the rest of the population. As a result, they infected the population en masse and there is a coming wave of ‘exposure’ which is causing polarization and high-level reactivity in these beings. They are not human, they do no carry a human soul signature and are not capable of feeling empathy in the same way as people, they look at the torturing of a human as a pleasurable meal, this is simply their (etheric) biology. However, biology or not, other species or not, the human race must defend itself and so this is what is happening.

A technological system has been designed to expose the virus and this will cause people to mutate into a highly contagious and animalistic form. This is basically a technological system that will begin to starve the virus and when any parasite begins to starve that is when it fights the hardest and releases the most toxins which are dangerous to the host organism.

Humanity is the host, the parasite is an AI hive mind holographic mental-emotional infection which uses the electromagnetic waves of the ‘soul’ or ‘bio-mind’ etheric energy or the electromagnetic waves of the communication networks as a carrier system.

In these approaching times of rapid change the lower frequency carriers shift into the sub-humans like vampire/monster people while the higher or those who can resist the feeding frenzy resonate with the higher evolved angelics. This is an old cycle we’ve been in, and this is the last time around.

Remember, Emotional Vampires Need Validation

Remember, vampires seek consent, yes, validation. If they cannot get validation through positive means (rituals or group activity in an environment supportive of the feeding process)then they will seek validation through negative orientation. (forcing others to witness their behavior, exposing themselves, subjugating and baiting others into interactions on levels that are outside that person’s character alignment).

Starving the Parasite

If it is starved, it devolves farther. This is the vampire situation. Very same thing.
Watch the movie Daybreakers, I’ll write up a Soft-Disclosure report. ame situation.
When they don’t feed, they devolve in to the “real-deal” monster. When they do feed, they’re almost simply human looking, same thing.
Just like a person, not eating, they get REEEALL hungry and grouchy, ready to fight a bear.
Well a vampire not feeding, becomes a sub-human, a demonic creature ready to kill and devour emotionally, mentally and physically.

Spiritual Possession

This is an important part. They are people possessed with spirits. The spiritual entity attachment is the literal, actual vampire. The people are simply so entangled with these spirits that their DNA literally becomes an open doorway to these spiritual realms where these entities exist.
These spiritual entities are literally akin to an “etheric” supercomputer hive mind that seeks to consume and incorporate more souls into its hive.
There are ways to provide solutions to the situation and humanity must unify for this one goal of survival and cosmic unveiling, anything less becomes the next layer of enslavement.

Rolling Out The Unveiling

This could take years but is aligned for a short period of time. If this takes more time then that would be indication that people are not ready and if they are not ready then they will not be, simply put. Now is when we must inform the others, and do our parts to ensure that the human race is secure.

The Feedback Loop Soul Siphoning System

Everything everyone does, banking, education, politics, legal, nutritional, recreational, all of this is literally wrapped within a veil of secrecy and destruction of the human soul. This is because the human soul is wrapped within 9 veils of confusion and manipulation and these 9 veils, performing this function, are literally what use the energy and creative power of the human soul to generate this realm as a false-light matrix system which works against the person to ensnare and entrap their awareness into a pseudo-conscious false-self personality construct which acts as a feedback loop to continually ensnare the soul and recreate this realm. Thus the energy of the soul is siphoned and redirected towards recreating an etheric prison which allows the entities to continue the feeding process as they cannot access the human through any other means.

The human soul can only be accessed through this matrix system which acts as a construct or an avatar-like system that the soul steps down into for the experience of a chosen simulation. This simulation has been hijacked and converted into a labyrinth with no visible way out given the default parameters of the social and spiritual construct.

Humans Must Rebuild this Experience with Orientation to the Soul and the Journey of the Soul Unveiling

That is the key. People are to rebuild and connect to a world that in a way already exists. This is through visualization and a form of remote viewing and thus connecting out of this labyrinth into the reality where they are already free. That is the strangest aspect of this, that we collectively guide this “Earthship” through hyperspace and through this we align our path into realities and can choose where we want to grow.

When we figure this out, en masse, that is when we can choose to create the true human society with orientation to the soul, the actual journey of experiencing this is like this civilization merging with an already existing future civilization where all the facets of the true human potential are already in existence and waiting to be explored.

The Release of Advanced Technology

Some theorize that this is simply the release of advanced technology. The advanced technology allows us to literally observe the soul on monitors and interact directly through scalar devices.

This technology allows one to literally view the past and the future probabilities in hyperspace. Thus, the corruption, the true nature of consciousness and the universe, the boundaries of this realm and the other realms, the origins of humanity and the universe and the nature of cosmic intelligences and parasites, all of this becomes revealed and the human soul unveiled as all of this knowledge is simultaneously within and around the world being covered up continuously.

This is an important shift, the largest change in this realm and everything changes so we must align our bio-emissions, the energy we feel within ourselves in order to ‘program’ this reality to bring about the desired results. If we permit the energies that are requested by the ‘programming’ of this realm and the control system, then that system literally seeks to assimilate, hybridize and use the humans as an authentication tool to gain access to that creative power within and reproduce itself like a virus.

We are the bait and the cure. When we are harmonized within one’s self, one’s own field and each of those fields to the fields around us and that to the larger cosmos, then we are in control and what we feel within accurately influences what is around us. When there is disharmony, that is when what is around us has more power to control what is within us.

The Still, Small Voice Within

Let us make use of this time to unveil the soul and the truth that we know that can’t be expressed, the still, small voice within that cannot use words, shout, or be very obvious in an outward way. That is our truth, our inner wakefulness and presence, that is what can’t be tricked or taken away and we must protect and nurture our ability to listen to this inner, invisible self so that this self is the one who guides us rather than the outward self that interacts and is capable of being manipulated by these external factors and control schemes.

Do not allow small minds to convince you to see the world like they do. Expand beyond the small minds. Trust in the self that cannot actually reach this world but is beyond all the physical senses.