Psychic and Spiritual Work


Service of psychic guidance for those with questions they would like to have examined in finer detail.


Ancestral Healing and Clearing


Connecting to your Spirit connections around you in your ancestors or karmic session. We work to resolve issues you have with people who have passed on, get guidance about your life, and find spiritual solutions to make changes.


Soul Alignment and Soul Clearing


Your spiritual body, like your physical body, can slide out of alignment or be impacted by external events. These sessions works with prayer and energy to re-align your energy and to get you back on track.


Dream interpretation


stock-vector-vector-concept-conceptual-cute-black-paint-human-hand-or-handprint-of-child-isolated-on-white-361287629Understanding your dreams is a powerful way to access both your unconscious and the spirit world. Book a session to find out what your dreams are telling you.

Trauma Counseling and Clearing of all blockages, etheric and Spiritual in your Soul path




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All bookings must be per-arranged via the Contact form . Services can be performed in person, over the phone, via Skype and Zoom video platforms.

Appointments may need to be re-scheduled in cases where energy is depleted, as such ensures mutual benefit to both practitioner and client, and in turn seeks to maintain the highest quality of service.

Please note: Audio/visual recordings of sessions are not permissible unless such permission is directly expressed. In most cases, recordings of sessions are not recommended as they can become disruptive to the natural flow of healing, in one reverting to them repeatedly and over analyzing content. It is important to trust that all will be retained by the subconscious mind and by the soul. At precise moments when one needs to recall certain information, one will retrieve what is necessary in accordance to individual requirements.


*Legal Disclaimer: Armed Heart recommends that persons see a licensed health care practitioner for any physical, mental or emotional issues that one may be experiencing. She does not operate as a licensed health care practitioner and therefore does not medically diagnose, treat or prescribe in such capacity. It is always advised to follow a physician’s recommendations for medications and overall treatment plans. Her services do not offer legal, medical, psychiatric or clinical psychological diagnosis and will not be held liable for any claims against such. The information offered is not intended to replace that of licensed medical services, or to divert persons from seeking professional care and help. Her abilities involve moving and balancing energy that can result in increased awareness and wellness, with shifts in consciousness in order to facilitate positive changes and evolution. Her consults are for Spiritual advice ​only and are expressly the opinion  to be received as such. Energy is fluid and not fixed, and how one interprets that energy as per the feelings, images and senses generated within the moment are subject to the understanding of fluidity and change. The ‘future’ is always changing, claims are never made in consultations about such, all events happen simultaneously and attempts are made to explain energy as it is sensed, with the understanding that there is no responsibility claimed for what those energies generate in perception and expression. Agreeing to a consult and/or session implies that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein. 

Soul healing, is an alternative hands-on healing method to understand the unseen world, and although there is evidence that soul healing is effective treating physical, mental, and spiritual conditions, the method is considered alternative or complementary by Western health care professionals.

By engaging with spirit, energy fields, and systems natural to each person and the Universe,connection is made  to the subtle energy fields or spiritual bodies of the client, not the physical body which is the domain of the medical field and other allied health care professionals.
I am not a medical doctor or other licensed health care professional, and cannot provide you with any kind of medical care, treatment, or diagnosis in relation to the physical health or well being of your body. Soul healing is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment from licensed and registered healthcare professionals. You should seek professional medical advice before making any health decision.



This website as an independent entity, therefore does not permit and is protected from any form of malevolent attack which attempts to undermine, subvert, harm or intend any strategy of attack. Such will not be permitted to effect myself, family members, colleagues, contributors upon this web site or any loved ones that have ties to me on all levels, all dimensions of time and cycles of time. Any entity or group visiting this website to partake in reading or sharing the information cannot use such to harm or use it in any way for purposes of deception, ill, agreements of entrapment or snares of any kind. The information is and can only be applied to generate one’s personal evolution, liberation, activation through Love via the One True Source of the Ultimate Creator of which we are part. I hold these terms and conditions as my statement of Law in Sovereign Will to be in effect on all levels, dimensions of time and cycles of time. Integrate.


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