The Narcissistic -Un Creator

"By Force , You will play this game with me" Through the clearing and readjustment of the world and its energetic constructs, be prepared for the revelation of airing out the aspects that come forward. Clearing out i the key to go forward. Play in my un-I-verse or i will destroy you, Accept my presence …

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In the Center of Past/Post Trauma

  The pain of the Empath Right Now we are going through an emotional energetic pain barrier....unraveling the coiled serpent of pain from our past. Not only as an enlightened being, but also as a race of universal properties. We are breaking through the old pains or wounds of our own post Traumatic events or …

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Find your Authenticity

We have entered the proverbial eye of the needle now and all things are required for you to find yourself. Preparing to evaluate yourself by literally decluttering yourself from all soul contracts that you are tapped into literally Some aspects to will help to establish who you are, also remember that you may be feeling …

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Armed Heart the Quantum Heart

Armed Heart the Quantum Heart Enter Quantum Heart represents a process of heart in an empowered way The Clarity of the first Creation and the Fallen simulation as the second creation this one that we are living in. We have to look at the clarity of the very first Creation and the second Creation how it …

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The Trick of Holographic Consciousness, The Camera Viewing Itself, Duality and Suffering in a Soul Harvesting System

Awesome Insight!

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Silke F – Hyperdimensional Controlling Groups, Earth 1, 2, and 3, Genetic Memory and Mass Mind Control

You have been tricked into attempting to use consciousness to see the larger aspect of yourself and what you are within, which is akin to a camera using it’s lens to view itself. At best you can get a reflection, an inverted replica from a technological mirror. That is the whole point, this has literally been known for thousands of years since the beginning of ‘time’ in this civilization.

Everyone has to overcome that natural tendency to want to give into a cognitive dissonant spurred delusional reality that it is the universes fault for being overly complicated and that it is not our responsibility.

This is like a hostage situation where you are not at fault for those who have taken hostages however you are accountable every situation you get yourself into, and…

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the Alien Love bite ReVival

Reposted article as per link - Credit to Eve Lorgen and Lauda Leon Lauda Leon and Eve Lorgen were interviewed at the start of the new year (2018) by Marc Gray on DTV Dimensions TV on the topic of the New Predator. This topic has been previously discussed on other youtube interviews with Lauda …

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