Event +T.ransition +I.ntelligence+E.nergy =Consciousness

We approach a NEW Consciousness related to “Time” that corresponds to the fields that surround us as  streams of information…
Your Intention creates a stream of energy that starts up or engage in what is already surrounding you – Observing Creation through Consciousness.

The Maze -“westworld”

Thus creating a new flux of insight.
Insight and the event is the stream of data…or knowledge.
It is important that you find this mode of event energy as a constant flux or streaming of Data or information.

You are Consciousness living inside this Avatar , interaction in the Field of Potential, this present existence is one timeline and you as your consciousness is out of this reality frame.
All “reelty of the virtuality” is not as it was perceived to be, as you view it, it changes…
Thus we are in a Conscious Time processing our Experience of Consciousness.
Transition the spaces in between events of observation.

Transition Intelligence Motions of Emotions
TIME is a reflection of your perception of moments or movement, the mind processing events or moments operates like a clock…
You have Entered an (Event based reality) as the mode of  Experience.

the Duplicity multiplicity in this framework or modality of this plane or playing field, simulated reflection of an actual world that you are not observing going forward but observe when you leave…

This system is an ongoing programming operating system, acting on every whim and conscious thought of intention…..there is no gain by duplication but gaining by learning and changing what you have…that is growth…
Duplication or multiple persons as containers…The Non player character, billions of these do not solve creativity, because there is no interest to reach a level of knowledge building.

But evolving consciousness system, evolving experience through change…
More does not make it right, its how you use what you have.
Progression by growth…
Systemic evolution is needed…
grow up not duplicate….change….continue to  question your environment.



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