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Reposted article as per link to Eve Lorgen and Lauda Leon

Lauda Leon and Eve Lorgen were interviewed at the start of the new year (2018) by Marc Gray on DTV Dimensions TV on the topic of the New Predator.

This topic has been previously discussed on other youtube interviews with Lauda Leon.


Description of the New Predator Bullet Points:

  • How it is similar and distinct from a simple “Dark Side of Cupid” and/or an alien love bite “engineered” relationship
  • How they operate on spiritual and interpersonal levels
  • Why they can mimic the “feel” of being your soul mate or Twin Flame
  • How they hack into your interdimensional memories of past lives and core wounds to work their sorcery
  • The mirroring projection system of behaviors
  • Soul and Spirit cannibalism and harvesting
  • How New Predators and “engineered Predator Hosts” are used to link in with creative original spirited persons, so they can hijack, steal and use their creative energy
  • The Counterfeit Spirit, as understood in the Gnostic scriptures, and how this manifests today
  • The three types of human souls as described by ancient Gnostics and why the majority rule is largely a result of the counterfeit spirit and corrupted hijacked systems run by the Demiurge and Archontic programs
  • Social Media platforms as hijacked reality systems to normalize the counterfeit spirit
  • Micro and Macro forms of the New Predator dynamics
  • How the New Predator is linked in with a more lethal “AI beast” system used to infect and steal life essence

Lauda Leon’s Original Description of the New Predator:

The New Predator – is not just relegated to relationships; it is being witnessed throughout deeper levels of spirituality where numbers are drawn in and literally a technology is being utilized to attach itself to the Predator, whom in turn is attached to a very large ‘feeding center or Principality’. So what we see is that this ‘take over and theft of the person’s identity and soul’ is being played out by the hosting predator leaving the victim without their original Creation/creativity, morals, feelings, passions beliefs and in it’s place an empty shell that is no longer usable because the theft has been completed.

Many whom are seeking deeper levels of their own Light are being coraled into specific ‘light truth movements’ so that they can be ‘stolen’. Once inside they live out their spiritual enlightenment through the ‘group’ but in truth a theft of identity and essence is occurring so it’s not just relegated to personal intimate relationship dynamics, but is a spiritual mirror reflection projection with the ‘predator’. The New Predator has been literally downloaded with the AI version of Spirituality and Gnossis along with many secrets of the Demiurge and Archons and that is what attracts the victim………..they see only the mirror aspect of their own Spirituality which they are duped into believing is the Spiritual connection to TRUTH and it’s discovery with the predator.

It is essential that the victim disengage in order to fight for their essence back because the theft can continue to take place even after disengaging if the connection was deep enough.

The previous version centered around Love and were written about in many ancients texts, ancient Greece is filled with stories of love bites but this is not the same because the new predators are not humans that have been hijacked and utilized in the sense of the splitting and interdimensional manipulations, but rather this has been a birth portal project that has taken generations to perfect so that the predators are not ‘human’ per se but act as portals that in essence are themselves the technology by which they hoover and steal essence for the parent Hosts parasites.  The dynamic involves mirroring back to you your life as the theft is taking place as well as an addiction to that which is destroying you and cannibalizing you.

This is attached to archetypes of all the victims summation of lives and experiences and draws upon every core terror experienced while making them completely dependent on the predator for Life as a result of being essentially eaten alive and stolen. This goes beyond Stockholm syndrome because what happens is that there is no real ‘positive’ seduction once the attachment has been completed but instead it’s a continuous theft and mirroring back of the theft. It’s a mirror of playback abuse as per the person’s core wounds only and a series of injections to keep the victim imprisoned as they feel their ‘essence’ leaving them…they cling to that which is removing it because it’s the closest to ‘their essence’ they can get to as the theft is taking place.

This is a type of malignant psychopathy more than it is about any kind of Love per se. In fact it’s all punishment based and psychological terror based.

Well, that is only one tiny aspect of a far deeper infiltration-as they were refining the units with each succeeding generation that were being born through female portals (women who acted as womb portals for the projects of these un-souled biological creatures whom in their own vast emptiness have been given a horrendous appetite to fill a black anti-creation void through true Life Essence of those that have Fire Spirits).

What we have witnessed prior to this level of technology that we have was using fallen angelics but the new predator is a different beast altogether.

Marc Gray’s Show:

Eve Lorgen & Lauda Leon are my guests
in this 3rd Show on DTV Dimensions TV
The Takeover of the New Predator : The Ultimate Pandemic !
A new level of Predation far beyond what we already know, the Counterfeit and hijacking of our true Essence as Spirit beings!




Healing & Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection that works

The better part of clearing oneself is also necessary when going through some emotional and psychic trauma

Be Mindful and remember to work on yourself always, clearing needs to also be done to objects and or places such as locations when you are visiting or have come from any particular area.

Discipline and discernment is needed.


Much Love

Heart Break and the eternal wound


Heart Break – Game Over

Breaking up is hard, you are finding yourself morally challenged, upset and angry. Raging emotions are sped up and at times you feel volatile to not even start with the ruffled chemical distortions in your brain and your heart.

The nervous system shaved and the tiny wires of electrical sparks are dying off one by one…Experiencing the emotions as electrical currents ebbing and flowing, switches on and off.

Heartbreak or Break Up changes the neurological pathways of the heart waves and this brings electrical currents or frequencies in the brain and so your entire body becomes inflamed.

The thing is, heart break is not easy, and it does not have to necessary be between you and another person, it can be more in depth to where you are in your life.

emotional-explosion-natalie-holland Heart break
emotional-explosion-natalie-holland  Heart break

The processes of how to deal with heartbreak comes from what is underlying in your life. More simply stated, breaking up is sometimes needed for you to find another pathway, and it is not necessary between you and another person, it can be very much related to how you feel about yourself towards yourself.

Change the way you look at yourself, by all means do this anyway, it will become easier to deal with many aspects that you find on your path.

The way the heart processes heartbreak is often determined by the relationship with the heart. In this way, the relationship with yourself also determines how you have relationships with others in your life. Work on this, Love yourself admire your courage, be proud of who you are and what you have achieved in your life. The things that you have done on your own, even if it was saving a little bird in your garden, or even more mundane. The Relationship with the heart is all about doing something that makes you feel good, provided its a higher sense of good, and not an impulsive reaction or response to base frequencies.

Emotions – the movement of the electrical energy of feelings – the current of the flow of electromagnetic energy or charges.

The heart is the processing plant for the electrical motions or emotions of your feelings, what has been electrically set up in your heart, your heart of understanding or your mind and your reasoning.

What was the intention to be involved with the other person? or was it the idea of being with that person. Was it the sense that you felt that this person would bring you happiness? Disappointment? Divorce – Change how you look at the break up, if it was your fault, why did you sabotage it? do you have self sabotaging traits in your personality?

Why would you expect the other person to be responsible for your happiness?

First things…If it involved two people, both are responsible for the break up, it does not matter which one initiated it first.

Advice for Depression

I feel that what you are going through has a deeper issue in the back ground of your life, this is why you are learning to deal with these aspects in the way that you do.
The need for affection and to be cared for comes from what you feel you do not have or can not achieve for yourself.

Try to work on some kind of exercise to clear out the old issues that are still controlling certain aspects of your thoughts…

Emotional detoxing, yes it will have a neurological influence on your body.
This is a self help tool that can help with your depression, because I feel that you are somewhat feeling anxiety and depression in yourself.
The self help tool is to find a spot , normally before you go to sleep would be the better option to begin…

Tanec Shaman  Healing

Try to find some calming music and do the following..

Deep breath in and slowly exhale….do it again , about 3 times to start you up…and also to touch your knees, with your hands.
Touching your knees, and elbows and eyebrows and cheek bones…chin…every time you do this you bring yourself into the present moment. this is also grounding yourself.
step3…Now after you have connected with all the parts of your body, you are ready to start the following affirmation…I am whole…deep breath in…next breath out…I am grounded….(in-out exhale)…i am protected …guided grounded worthy and my path is cleared…I am worthy….(deep breath in and out)…protected, guided grounded worthy and my path is cleared…
I am loved….deep breath in and start all over again…
so between each set of affirmation words, you breath deeply in and slowly exhale out…
step3…after you have said all these words with breathing in between…you can now say the entire sentence again…This time you start like this
I am protected, guided grounded worthy and my path is cleared, I am whole, i am loved…
step4…Get up and walk around, brush your teeth and breath one more time in and out…do it another time or so…to really get yourself ready to work on the process of setting the intentions in place…
step5…it is an ongoing process, and it ha to be done every night…
Do this for about 1 week…
Let me know if there are any changes that you start to feel…’
It is important that you pay attention to this, this is how you will learn to repair yourself…

Please let me know how this works for you.

the object of the above mentioned exercise is to help you to process your heart break, one that affects you deeply in your entire body.

This is based on my own opinion, and you can find other natural self help products to assist , please find the link something that can help naturally

Please Note:

The contents of this website are for informational purposes only and do not render medical or psychological advice, opinion, diagnosis, or treatment. The information provided through this website should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. It is not a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you may have a medical or psychological problem, you should consult your appropriate health care provider. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. Links on this website are provided only as an informational resource, and it should not be implied that we recommend, endorse or approve of any of the content at the linked sites, nor are we responsible for their availability, accuracy or content.


Much Love

Relationships:Emancipating your Self, clearing Contracts of the Heart

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ― C.G. Jung


The Ending of a Relationship

The situation:

It is important to look deeply within yourself and to realize who you are looking at. To face the deeper parts of what it takes to be yourself and also what is not you.

Work on being present in yourself to look at these contracts, its often an isolated process.

the more you claim yourself back from this the lighter your energy will become. And in this you will be able to meet another who is resonating like you in the same way, you are lighter in your actual aura and spiritual energy and requires a lighter person to be with…you will have no problem with another person…but for now release from your heart this energy draining contract…let it go…deep breath and find some things to help you to reclaim your sovereignty…in that way…..


What are contracts?

A contract is an agreement, verbally, emotionally spiritually and physically that we make with another. It can be in this lifetime and it can be in other lifetimes.

What does the Contract look like?

This part gets a little bit tricky , as full spectrum beings we may have many contracts, some that we are not aware of and others they are soul contracts, where we as a soul in our essence make a contract or an agreement with certain process or agreements to learn from. some times these are aspects of personality and old beliefs that we are involved in. Without us even being conscious about this can often set up a contract.

So be aware of your thoughts and how you think about things, and how you feel about yourself.

How to Destroy those contracts

Mantras, meditations and the will power in your thoughts, feelings and how to perceive things. The best way to see how you can clear out these cntracts is if you dig very deeply into yourself. To see the spells that you have put yourself in. and what happens when you have gone through them.

breaking open the egg to let it flow. To see how you have brought yourself into this world, and what is still attached to you. to be ready for the new process of your internal magical process…magi of your cycle…

Break out of the cycle…Know who you are.

Learn about the bad things that you have gone through, learn from this to set yourself free.

Love yourself, your responsibility for what you think and what you feel.

Create something in the place of the voided contract by bringing a present process of flow.

Much love





Hyperspace and the Heart

hyperspace.jpgWhat is hyperspace, other than the ability to be in the hyper spacial reality of the world as it is unfolding now…

-hyperspace is where there are more than three dimensions(in science fiction) a notional space–time continuum in which it is possible to travel faster than light.

The Process as it is now:

We are going towards a heart collision, I am calling it a heart collision because its in its essence the overlapping and re connection to yourself. One part of you connecting to the other part of you…The one aspect that may or may not have been known to you.

Its like you connect with your higher self in more ways than you realize.

It is in this process that you will be experiencing the time discs or astrological shifts to amalgamate within you.

hyperspace dogfights

This collision is not a real one but the external aspects are physical enough to feel it wok within you.

The time discs are the representation of the time lords that are on the planet running the matriarchal simplex or the matrix.

Time is now to work on going through this process with absolute calmness, and contemplate on who you are.

Let your heart always be the convergence of this nexus point.

wings of the heart

Much love!