Healing the Shadows

Healing the Shadow, is part of the new adjusting frequency that we are going through right now…Its time to work clearing out all the hidden insecurities that come up, through a variety of instrumental aspects.

The shadow can not be eradicated nor can it be destroyed, it is essentially the part that you may not have been aware of, or its a part that you know…Heal this within you to recreate a new pathway in your life…

Stay Well



Q and A : Why ? The Art of Questions

Q: Why Am I still not married yet?

There is a fine line in wanting to get married and what your intention is to be married?
you will need to be clear on what it is that you are seeking so that the universe can sense this, so that these emotional energies can be picked up and sent back to you, so that your inner creative power can be used to work with you, instead of feeling that you are merely existing.

Feeling that there is no purpose other than to get married, Will that fulfill your desires?

for example if it is to be loved , do you feel love towards yourself as a person feeling worthy of it? or is it security,safety,children etc? do you feel you cant come by with your current financial situations?
It is important to verify who you are to yourself, get to know who you truly are deeply in your heart, this is the question of who you are .
Who are you truly? identity vs condition

who am i


Feeling alone is a condition that you feel you are in, if you feel lonely or alone, this is not who you are, this is not your identity,

feeling lonely is the condition of not feeling happy with your own company, not feeling that you are also your best friend, lover and companion, spiritual guide.

Is there a reason to feel like this? deep questions like these must be answered in honesty and deep heartfelt truth. Remember to know what the difference is between the Self identity and the condition.
Being honest with yourself is a start…
So what I am saying is that you need to decide, if you are seeking love, it requires you to work on setting out the task of working on who you are first and then feeling that you can love yourself first, before you seek it from another.
This is the point of where love will be drawn to you. Remember what you sow as in thoughts that you think of yourself will return to you.
Sowing seeds of love, will reap fruits of love

Sowing these seeds that you are planting within your thoughts, knowing that you are worthy and feel worthy of love, even if there is no one in your immediate circles.
All is possible with intention.
Lets say you wanted to get married for security,
Then the same qualifying questions apply, is it because you feel you need to be cared for, made to feel safe, need money? Is this security more about being together and feeling that you and the significant other will go through things together but be in balance.
Think about what your intentions are and than go within your mind and clear up why you feel that you need this security, and is this security substituted for money or for something else?

This is a hard one to consider but if you try to find the bulls eye, your aim as in your intentions need to be true to who you are.

You are not the sum of your experiences you are worthy of knowing that you are more than all of that combined and that this is also merely a path that you can choose to go through or to choose to understand.

Understanding and Wisdom is what will help you to bridge these emotional issues.


Take Care!

How to Create Prosperity?

I will need to explain a few things first, to create prosperity for yourself you will need to understand that all things that you think and feel about yourself , this is all emotions and thoughts it doesn’t matter what kind are projected outward, or more simply put, your emotions are what drives everything. This is based on the principle of what goes out comes back, what you sow you will reap, follow this so far?

universe within

The next thing is that all things that are positive in nature such as abundance financially, love happiness etc come to you when you start to feel and think this about yourself as if you already are in possession of it, of these things.
There are also emotions of fear and feeling that things done work out which are related to how you feel about yourself, such as feelings not feeling happy with yourself or not feeling that you can do things right or feelings of loss, not gaining anything etc…

Fine Tune your Heart

images  heart ego and karma

So the next thing is to work on setting up thoughts to the correct feelings, feelings that feel right, that feel good.

Set the intention Now to create the your own self empowerment! I personally use mantras, like prayers or affirmative words because this i have found to be the best solution…
Its a maintenance thing actually,
So for clear thoughts and setting the positive nature in place for yourself you will have to work on remembering the good things that are around you, being grateful and knowing that you are feeling worthy of positive things.

Its a new and old concept because we all struggle to get through these hurdles., So these mantras will stimulate your internal creative energy, connected to your heart , it is important that you try this for at least 2-3wks because it takes the brain to create a new habit in two weeks and the third one to see and feel the results,

I do mine every day because i would like to be my own boss, and make my own destiny, this is why i don’t stop…

Here goes needs to be done 21 times out loud daily :

1. I am infinite consciousness, i am protected guided grounded worthy and my path is cleared, I am whole i am loved, I am creative.

2. I am financially abundant, It is an abundantly wealthy universe and I have full access of it. The Universe is within you and you are a reflection of the greater universe Let me know if you follow what i have sent to you? and if you have any questions?

Let me know!

With Love