Heart ego and Karma

Heart balanced by trudy barnes

I am very glad that you have managed to work through the mantras, they are quite slow at first and work subtly , the further one progresses with it , the stronger the energy works inside of our consciousness. Glad you have gotten over the first hard part, and that was to get to the second aspect or phase of the mantra. Its hard to start the mantra because there will be inundated things that will distract us, but it shows you that it is working, like the mind is trying to make you feel that you should give up. Similar to taking medicine at first, no quick fixes, when it comes to working on the human condition.

Though you are a very positive person the mantras refine you even more so, its really good that you have maintained this in your life, you are very strong and courageous to have set this to task.

Yes the mantra can even help the planet, we have been working on doing this, it takes longer because people are not static, they are in continuous motion, so frequencies adapt and shift, sometimes the shifts are also voluntarily distractions….

The mantra is connected to your heart, you set the intention, your heart releases or switches on the intention, your sound speaking the words is carried outward and changes two things inside the other person’s emotions (because your intention sets this up) and emotions changes the heart.

So words change water(inside us is 72% water+ 12% earth + 6% air + 4 % fire + remaining space ether)  through sound and frequency, the heart is the amplifier, intention and sound, Love is the bandwidth that this frequency works on. Our hearts are connected to the earth and beyond us, Spirit and energy and etheric. So the sound of what you speak and reverberates in frequency to the intention that you are focusing on. Speaking with heart to another who has no heart or no heart feeling can shift them into a heart frequency or send them running away to avoid it. Psychopaths don’t want to feel or are unable to feel, so they avoid this.

heart ego and karma


If I say a mantra for myself and I become more healed my heart and my frequency changes those who come in contact with me, All is energy and electromagnetic frequency.

So, You are changing a stranger’s life if you wanted to, by healing aspects within yourself, this does not necessary mean that you have the same hurt or wound, but your willingness to heal is what changes the other person’s perception through their own heart frequency, it’s a good thing that she has responded so well, will give her courage to deal with her own healing even so further on as we progress.

Mantras are like verbal EFT for the soul.

Karma, “So I have a couple questions for you.  First one is Karma.  I believe that the soul, spirit or source fragment that is within us all, has experienced numerous lifetimes.  These lifetimes are the opportunity to learn lessons, through free will, in order to grow and mature.  That being said, mistakes along the way are inevitable.  Every action has an opposite reaction.  So any wrong doing against another has a penalty attached to it.  If that misdeed was not recognized or corrected in this lifetime, that reaction or penalty carries over to the next lifetime to be paid up.   Karma.  I have made some mistakes, but I believe that in this lifetime I am on the positive side of the equation.  Can you tell me anything about my previous lives, and whether or not I have to atone for anything?  

Answer: Karma is connected to the law of Cause and effect rightly so, but not an equal opposite effect, It’s a tricky situation but ignorance of that which we do or that we betray our hearts through our mind and our actions leads to the cosmic drama of karma…We judge ourselves, The key to understanding it is how we contribute in creating our immediate world around us, we learn to recover this by taking responsibility for ourselves and what we create.

Humanity is living in a causal modality, Karma does not exactly exist, it is the law of Causality that we need to be mindful of, yes I can see that you were once in this very same situation but you handled it in a different way, though now you are releasing many of these old belief systems by embracing your heart, as the only act that we can do wrong in our existence is to betray our heart energy, to be disconnected from the heart more realistically. As it is the heart that connects all of us and gives healing, love is the expression of the heart. There is no need to atone, you are already in the corrective path and clearing up that which you were involved in, by doing good and helping others around you…you have consistently changed your life path to better your life unknowingly and knowingly through your actions.

“Secondly, how significant is my personal achievement of inner balance, to the positive effects of the whole?  Or, is strengthening my own timeline, the only thing that matters?  In other words, how important is my contribution to peace, in this lifetime?”

Answer: Your contribution to your own inner peace is more vital than that of achieving it for the greater, a peaceful man can effect peace in his immediate environment , do not waver from this and you will change more around you by changing yourself. Taking responsibility is an important key to affecting mass change. If you want to affect the immediate environment, it is your choice to do so , by simply doing good to all around you…simple care as you are already doing. Spread the word by being the example not for anyone but for yourself.

“Lastly, How can I become more attuned and aligned with my higher self for guidance, and continue increasing my frequency/vibration?  

Answer: By acknowledging the things that you see around you in the changes as you have mentioned, remember I asked that you pay attention to the simple changes around you, now reflect on these and realize that you are becoming more aligned to that which you have started to create as inner peace within you, and that inner peace is the effect of the changing the heart frequency within you. This is how you change your world, the more you see synchronicity in a positive way the more you reach that positive inner peace.

I would like to think that I have dropped my ego a long time ago, but it still surfaces sometimes.  What is the best way to filter or ignore the “Monkey Mind” and remain more heart centered?”

Answer: The ego is an aspect of the mind that will always natter  in the background, the best way to filter out the monkey natter is to understand why it natters in the first place, ego is connected to limited reasoning, this is why the mantra gives the mind something to do, yes the heart can at times overpower the mind. The ego needs to be given a task of reasoning that it can continuously try to resolve without exhausting yourself, so what I do is to try and find something to focus on, be it an animal and to connect with it emotionally, physically, than saying the mantra.

The more you try to force the mind to be quiet, the more it will chatter, so the mantra will systematically train your mind to adjust to the heart frequency.

Time and patience!


Animals and Their Souls

“Until one has loved an animal,
a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Anatole France

pet rescue


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What Animals Teach Us About Spirituality:

Celebrating Life with Our Pets
By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway and Rev. Victor Fuhrman

Celebrating our pets, and celebrating with our pets, has become a national pastime.

We love our pets. And statistics show that we are willing to spend oodles on our poodles, kitties, horses and other animals, keeping them well-fed, well-groomed, stylishly attired, happy, healthy and safe.

More than 70 million American’s share their homes with cats, 60 million with dogs, and 2 or more adore their domestic birds. At least 65% of all homes in the United States own at least one pet. Financial surveys tell us that people spend more of their disposable income on their pets in times of economic expansion. For example, the most recent statistics tell us the pet care industry is raking in about 30 billion, and growing stronger.

Animal lovers agree that pet’s are a loving addition to our lives.

  • Studies have shown that people who own pets, live longer, feel better and feel they have a friend who will love them without conditions and listen without judgment.
  • Pets bring comfort to the ill, mobility to the disabled, and sense of kinship and protection to children.
  • For many people, the relationship with a pet mirrors the relationship they have, or would otherwise have, with a child or any intimate family member. Many of us simply do not distinguish between animal and human family members.
  • As our human relationships becoming trickier and more challenging in our lives, some of us choose to place focus on our pets as their primary relationships in life.
  • More of us lavish attention on pets. We look for ways to enjoy life together – living in pet friendly environments, traveling to animal friendly locales, toting doggies to special events, buying pet presents for birthdays, Christmas and beyond.

“For many of us, pets are as much a part of the family as any human member,” says my friend Dr. Dan Neuharth (Ph.D.), Marriage and Family Therapist and author of Secrets You Keep from Yourself: How to Stop Sabotaging Your Happiness. “Perhaps it’s the unconditional love pets provide. Perhaps having a smaller critter to care for and watch out for brings out the best in us. Perhaps pets are so themselves, so congruous, so present, that it gives we humans an inspiring example.”

A boom in honoring animal spirituality
In recent years there has been much growth and interest in animal spirituality, and human spiritual connection to animals. We’ve seen a growing number of books exploring pets as our angels and guardians here on earth and on communicating with animals. We have also seen a huge increase in “Blessings of the Animals” taking place around the country. Once the domain of the Catholic Church and some Christian denominations, more and more interfaith and non denominational groups are offering blessings for all the neighborhood pets.

Perhaps pets put us deeply in touch with a state if being that sages and spiritual leaders have tried to help us attain: Living in the moment. That’s what pet’s do best. And many would say that is the moment in which spirit can be most easily accessed.

Whatever the reason, we adore the domestic animals we invite into our lives. They fill a special place in our hearts, and homes. Not only do we treat them like family – or better in some cases! – we want for them all the things want for any family member.

Many people are recognizing the spiritual nature of all “creatures great and small.” A lot of them happen to be pet owners. Pet Spirituality, and spirituality shared with our pets, is flourishing along with high end dog collars and gourmet fish food. And celebrating life with our pets has become a way of life!

Copyright © 2008 Laurie Sue Brockway. All rights reserved.

More Reading Material : https://www.seeker.com/animals-said-to-have-spiritual-experiences-discovery-news-1766483121.html