Formlessness Vs Chaos

We are now in the period or measured moment called Formlessness. what is Formlessness, to know that all forms as in all formulations interact and connect with each form. energy connects to energy, matter to matter, light to light, photon to photon etc. To observe Creation which is essentially Formless, we observe the nature ofRead moreRead more


Quantum Heart

Armed Heart the Quantum Heart Armed Heart the Quantum Heart Enter Quantum Heart represents a process of heart in an empowered way The Clarity of the first Creation and the Fallen simulation as the second creation this one that we are living in. We have to look at the clarity of the very first Creation andRead moreRead more

Dragon Speak-Alchemical Wedding

The Wedding The wedding of the Sacred Masculine and the sacred Feminine, a union that will be to draw out of the two Aeons, and an Aeon is a cycle of time that reflects Nature in a particular way, through a lens from within the inner eye, in this case it was also referred toRead moreRead more

Dragon Speak : Free Flowing of the unbearable Beingness of Light

The Great Reveal

What is the Great Reveal? We are now in the process of reviewing all things, the breaking down of the old scripted patterns and the revealing of all things in its authentic presence… Learn to discern…good way to find this , is to feel what you are sensing through your heart… open your eyes andRead moreRead more

Artificial VS Authenticity

What is the difference between Artificiality and Authenticity? This is a game of energy, simple version has to do with ones who don’t like the truth seek to control and dominate it and the ones who seek truth seek to learn about it…but may not have the power to apply it to themselves…all about energyRead moreRead more

A tail and Two heads in a city of Mirrors

an Original Story Once upon a time, there lived a family of serene love and care, prosperity and many things fair and all was well in the thoughts of the Greater Mind of our Ancestor Father Mother Brother child and sister. One day(which is like a 100 yrs) during the peak of the suns brightestRead moreRead more

Refocused, Reviewing Revolutions RaRa!

Beyond the Moon we glimpse the process of the shadows, what has been hidden for so long that it takes a considerable shift in awareness to face the truest forms that we have not even seen in ourselves. Seeing that all the processes of what were once accustomed to, but in this the cleansing ofRead moreRead more

Dragon Speak-Intentions

Dragon Speak