Dragon Speak-Intentions


Intentions alter your journey by connecting to the psyche of your consciousness…
what is safe to speak out loud and what is not…
Feelings to act upon, those thoughts are part of your consciousness all the time…thoughts are behaving this way because they dictate to you, they are your belief systems…
When you change your beliefs, you will literally change your direction…
What drives your energy, when you realize that you can change your mind…
The way to bring verbalize this is to say “I want to be a better person”, simple intention will shift weeks of brain activity.

You need to be aware of your flaws and beliefs and work to fix them within you, when you set your intentions in a specific way…this is how the dragon speak works.
Always be 100% clear when you speak your intention, you are not using your emotions. Your emotions are all part of the watery influences that may be bleeding into each other, manifesting things that don’t work.  Undefined emotions create chaos..
Clarity is the key because it comes from a place of certainty, a heart centered action …

Expect your mind to give you a clear intention, avoid emotional thought processes.
The Pineal gland is the gateway gland.
Channel your intention through your brow/third eye…
stand up straight, psi power…
palms to palms…
feeling the flow of chi energy from one hand to another…

focus on breathing…
breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose, breathe as if you are breathing through your hands… Feel the base of your spine, feel your energy all the way up to your head, your body feels like a flame.
Sit down on a chair, spine straight but relaxed, chin in a little, feel your third eye with your finger…
feel the pressure…
spacial awareness…
mind and perceptions of your reality shift…
Drop your consciousness to your throat and speak your intention with pure calm clarity.

You are creating reality through interpretations…
creating reality through your actions,
creating through intentions, and this modifies future probability.   Much love


Dragon Speak


200-year-old-door-carved-with-the-dragon-god-in-the-ancient-city-of-dragon-door-design-l-7e96c47e45e625f7 - Copy

DRAGON SPEAK the Sacred intent of language , the way that words are spoken, the breath of fire from within, and to be clear in your thoughts…This is the process of how you find out who you are…

the origins of communication required symbols and sounds, we have never been without symbols and sounds…This being a kind of technology..

In the “AlphaBeth universe”, the alpha of the the one word god verse…
These words that can cast spells on each other and oneself…
the contracts and agreements that are formulated by an energetic sense of emotion to fuel the letter.
It has become apparent that as we are glimpsing a new world, that we are also seeing the old one from underneath our fear and our perceptions.

\I Am

Before the words were made, god the Original Creator spoke in an original language, the first light as the life giving and life creating energy…The words were part Spirit frequency, that wraps around the sound, and becomes life emitting soul, a syllable becomes a symbol, here the Great spirit (within all of us as consciousness) steps in.
In this way there has been an inversion of how this sacred knowledge has been inverted and how many scripts were derived from this, many copies of this word was made but it was over analyzed and dissected.
One great Consciousness , breaking itself into millions of pieces, great potential, but to manifest in this potential it needed a reality to allow consciousness, in plural, to make choices and to interact in a creative manner…to become more…Becoming love, the fire energy, to bring more patterns of compassion, to grow…
Born forth into this world as a virtualistic frequency…
As we grow, the Greater Consciousness grows with us, because we are the extensions…
If we do not grow, the greater consciousness does not grow…
We are Great Spirit…Greater Consciousness…Being the Experience in a multidimensional frequency, stepping from one reality to another reality…
the first utterance is like a creative fire, like dragon breath and the solidifying of the words that manifest all things in reality…And so the first reality becomes the first point of view, of existence and point of light, long before beings came to awareness, long before Sophia made her presence, long before all things became known, she was known as our Mother and us the Experience as the Expression of our Greater Mother Father Consciousness…


This is the original manner of speaking and processing, but the living consciousness must learn to go within to be aware of infinite existence, remembrance and the sense of feeling and a knowing of wholeness…

As the seeds of fire like petals from a flower fell on pools of water, primordial waters of infinite potential.
As words were uttered, more words would fall on all waters, and in this, many pools of potential would reflect back to the Creator, in various moments counterfeit images or mirrors in the resemblance of the light of the Great Creator would form or exist and out of this, others would take on this embodiment of awareness.

And in the awareness, two spirits were born, the intention and the expression, the observation and the experience. Every time words were uttered, more and more words became alive and embodied the consciousness of The Great Creator…

This the world before the artificial construct took place, in many ways bending the original light, displaying false perceptions of moralities but always keeping the energies or the script alive.

The way words are used through Intent, creation and thought…Creates light, and as the Dragon speaks, works in a frequency of intent, knowing this as the basis of everything that you are in this avatar or body.
A knowing and an awareness,
You are not the sum of this body , but you are the Consciousness that lives in this body or embodiment.
All is energy and all is internal…the mechanism of the knowing is internal, it always will be, the way out of the counterfeit world is always from within, to literally breath and to trust implicitly that as you place your consciousness inward that you find an original version of what is mirrored outward…

The idea of living in a universe or uni verse, it is non personal, but it is individualistic, it is singular but fractalized, it displays oneness but not wholeness.

Dragon speak means to be transparent in your intentions. Clear and true in your thoughts, your actions, to be free from any kind of script or agreements and contracts that tie you in to the rules of the game…

To be in your truth is to be truthful in your actions and your thoughts and in this to be direct in your creation. You take responsibility for this now..

Dragon speak is to know all these things, the mechanics of creation and to be clear and revoke your agreements with a demi halfgod master of urges, urgic game master…

To be authentic in your own power, your own presence and to be able to walk in not just this world but to be aware of many worlds.

Shifting you from outward reflection to inward and to observe what is, because as you observe , you create again…to walk on the primordial water…(Jesus walked on water)…this is the primordial waters of creation. The primordial waters is the complex of space and time…

The sacred field surrounding the avataric body forms part of the DNA that is now being revealed through the awaking and awareness of knowing…

  • story keeps coming up and it scripts the narrative for all , unless you change it for yourself, it is an individual process, the awaking of the original fire speak, or to speak words that clear and set light in place…

The old story of Sophia and the Demiurge , the half created frequency through mirrored or inverted frequency, which in turn came through this world and became inverted in her original form…When something is inverted, it creates in an inverted way, it does not stop creation but it creates in an inverted manner and thus that which comes from an inverted creation functions in the same way…
The more you realize this story, this narrative , the more you are urged to draw back your power , to wake up your authenticity, but there has to be truth in this…there has to be the aspect of who you are without fear…
The only way to work on this is to remove what holds you as a player in the narrative of the Demi half god and his Inverted Mother…

To look at who you are…

You have fallen from the higher realms, the more you create in an inverted manner, the more you bring yourself into your own world of chaos.

Civilizations have started at a lower frequency because of the inversion of the original frequency.
We are in a consciousness War of frequency…
The air and the earth and the meeting in between…

what you think is human nature is not what is presented in this world….
human nature is to be in harmony to create and in a balanced way…a wholistic manner…to seek the higher states of consciousness.
The inversion created a stress to express through wars and dominance…all from a lower frequency.

Humanity in its natural state is an essential key.



Two streams of viewing


In this presentation i am breaking down the basement levels of what is fundamentally the root of perceptions…
In this breaking down , I am observing and sharing the aspects as it presents itself…
i address streams of consciousness as in two types that predominantly allow duality to come forward…
What is wholeness and what is oneness?

In order for us to embrace our full potential and how we can finally move forward without any old aspects stuck in our heart of understanding, we may need to heal this aspect in a way by simply going through this as an observation and to recognize it…

It is important to recognize the surrounding factors around but to not become engulfed by the revealing…

An old subject comes up, duality…the dualistic manner in how realty is viewed and how reactions are perceived…

use discernment in how you look at yourself, shift from looking outward with your eyes to how you view yourself, How do you see and feel about you and how do you influence your surroundings?
Think about it, what do you see, ? what do you feel?


Be careful how you project perceptions of what you know, projecting into what you may not know…Be slow to make assumptions…This forms a stream of energy and can envelop another view into that stream…

Observe 2 Streams of Sight the truth itself and the perceived view of it…in this way its similar to creation, thinking and setting this thought into intention and so on…

As we are working through our clearing and purging, we are perceiving what was and slowly dismantling perceptions of duality.

Observe now that Duality is still present at large…The polarities of good Vs evil and light vs dark…
As long as we think in this way we perceive this, live this and create in this way…, and in this we project outward our fears, because we lose touch with ourselves, our hearts…doing this in fear brings us down metaphorically down into the basement…The lower earth…

This does not mean that we must walk with blindfolded perceptions…
On the contrary…it is suggested that We work deeply on ourselves to become aware that we are unique whole beings, each one having a profound effect on your immediate world and surroundings, your personal world.
You are a celestial Being of Consciousness, a source of your world, a creator and experiencer and you are the wearer of this body, this avatar as the tool to interact with the greater avatar…
Earth is also a Celestial being…

You are not your physical body, you are not your personality, you are just using these tools to work through this system…

Choose to know that you are unique and Authentic and whole in your existence…That you are transparent in your truth that you are consciousness…be aware in the way that you look at all things around you but to not become duped or overwhelmed by it…Being reactive to yet another killing in your neighborhood…

Be sober in your thoughts, do not fall into thought loops..Be aware that this is not personal but a commentary of man’s inhumanity to man…this is the war…that by perpetuating the many layers of being a witness, it does not mean that you should get on to the bandwagon and throw the stone either…before you react in defense…before you react in shock, and again i am not stating that you are blinded by all this…
look with heart where you look at all things from a whole perceptive…

As long as you believe in duality that there will always be two…in either frequency…

Two sides of one face, peering into the reflection and experiencing the mirror effect…the expression will be a reversed view of what you are viewing…the mirror is always there…its more obvious now because we are discussing this…

And as we are discussing it, so systematically we may lose track of what was first and in this observing or believing what is external..instead of knowing an internal observation…a deep knowing which relates back to the heart of understanding. The upper earth or heavens , the middle earth or the lower earth…for one earth the sun has been replaced…

There are certain beings emitting frequencies that affect us manipulating our views so that we lose ourselves in our own reflected perceptions or reflections…

Hijacking our current/electrical fiery heart, frequency of water, like amniotic fluid, electrified…

What is the opposite of duality?
What is the difference between wholeness and Oneness?

Knowing the difference has a profound effect on your Consciousness wherever you are going to go in your life…

It is important to find know the difference between Wholeness and Oneness…

*Oneness is tied into a singularity or hive frequency…to get into the same bandwidth …to be one with or to be one of something larger…

*Wholeness is to be whole, to not lack,
the state of forming a complete and harmonious whole; unity”
“the state of being unbroken or undamaged.” To know you are whole, to not lack…to be in harmony…

what keeps duality in place ?
Energy in a state of flux creating displacement of the self…the rolling stone..i am for this or i am for that…if you do this you must be that or this…as an example…

It could be the fundamental basis for primal existence…In the beginning the tribal elements…creeds beliefs and followings…
Energy of constant observation of creativity and the observation of it…?

What is the Ego, and its function?

…A mirror of reflected perceptions, a part of the personality.

Sometimes it is referred to as the inner child, it exaggerates or devalues but only through perceptions…
This also functions in two streams of consciousness, its either up there or down here…why is it still a child, maybe becuse we keep saying it is?

Alchemically The Ego appears to be connected as a stream of consciousness that is somehow wired to a fight or flight response, therefore it is an essential tool related to survival…
The Ego also does its best to keep you trapped in a particular reality…

Look at your ego, but shift the focus, don’t attack yourself,observe when something is being said and you hear, this is bullshit!..

interesting how it comes through, right?… do you see that your ego is rooted in survival, preservation?
Ego requires energy, the need to see itself everywhere to feel secure…
it therefore performs its own survivalist frequency…but only because you have experienced the need to survive…change from feeling the need to survive to knowing you are whole, work hard at this…override the expression of fear perceptions, conditioning of everyday constant bombardment against us…

There will be many hidden basements that will be cracked open to allow a flood of water to rinse and cleanse, in this we are going through a water quake of awakening.
You would like to achieve a transcendence of higher Dimensional awareness no matter what level, then realize that all things are related to observation and knowing….

in this revelation it will be apparent that we dig deeper to question our morality,

What is Morality?

*principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong
The underworld is being readdressed to bring up distortions of projections of each other and the readdressing of sexual objectifying energy…

Reference : Objectifying means to degrade the status of an object.
“a sexist attitude that objectifies women” and men and children and each other.

what do we do when we objectify? We do not only degrade the value of another but we degrade ourselves in that process…Because what you are saying is that while you objectify in this…you also degrade yourself…It is this deeper aspect that we break through to the very fundamentals of the basement….

Objectification is in part the way the ego sees or percieves through you…This also brings in the absence of respect and false morality …bending the light…

Who are you in essence and where are you in the greater schema?
*…Greek – skhema “fiugre,appearance, the nature of a thing”

We need to discern where we are in relation to where we are going, determine how we see and learn from what we know is a fundamental truth that we are always whole, but that we have moved far from our origin…Getting to know that we are functioning here in this world as Conscious beings. That we are that very element that we have been looking for, that we are the Event horizon in our rising up of our internal eternal being of wholeness.

Much Love

Event +T.ransition +I.ntelligence+E.nergy =Consciousness

We approach a NEW Consciousness related to “Time” that corresponds to the fields that surround us as  streams of information…
Your Intention creates a stream of energy that starts up or engage in what is already surrounding you – Observing Creation through Consciousness.

The Maze -“westworld”

Thus creating a new flux of insight.
Insight and the event is the stream of data…or knowledge.
It is important that you find this mode of event energy as a constant flux or streaming of Data or information.

You are Consciousness living inside this Avatar , interaction in the Field of Potential, this present existence is one timeline and you as your consciousness is out of this reality frame.
All “reelty of the virtuality” is not as it was perceived to be, as you view it, it changes…
Thus we are in a Conscious Time processing our Experience of Consciousness.
Transition the spaces in between events of observation.

Transition Intelligence Motions of Emotions
TIME is a reflection of your perception of moments or movement, the mind processing events or moments operates like a clock…
You have Entered an (Event based reality) as the mode of  Experience.

the Duplicity multiplicity in this framework or modality of this plane or playing field, simulated reflection of an actual world that you are not observing going forward but observe when you leave…

This system is an ongoing programming operating system, acting on every whim and conscious thought of intention…..there is no gain by duplication but gaining by learning and changing what you have…that is growth…
Duplication or multiple persons as containers…The Non player character, billions of these do not solve creativity, because there is no interest to reach a level of knowledge building.

But evolving consciousness system, evolving experience through change…
More does not make it right, its how you use what you have.
Progression by growth…
Systemic evolution is needed…
grow up not duplicate….change….continue to  question your environment.


The Narchon the Artificial Knockoff Gemstone

evil within
evil within 2


The Entitled Facade of the Splintered Ego
there are also two types of Narchons, one artificially created or implemented in behavior and the other in human behavior.

What are Narchons, the narcissistic archon element that utilizes vanity or ego in a splintered fractured manner,

Narchons are formed when the internal light is bent and manipulated or fractured like glass splinters at times…Think of a shard of self that was splintered and has literally never been able to retrieve its own authenticity…

We also need to look at what is surrounding us at this moment and it is obvious that there is a sociological behavioral structure being implemented to hijack the human social consciousness along with the fractured perhaps trained soul frequency.

Artificially induced through social structuring :

Pay attention to the adaptive forces through the modification of the Artificial non biological influence of Google’s Selfish ledger or the modification of the Selfish Gene – DATA, MOVEMENT AND RELATIONSHIPS BASED AS AN ASPECT OF THE HUMAN HIVE MIND in BEHAVIORAL SOCIETY
To POPULARIZE THE SELFISH GENE by utilizing artificial social engineered ledger or Data carriers..


This article is based on personal experience and observation and recognition of something that seems to be so perfect on the outside, so clear and so loving, so exemplary on the outer facade that you cannot pierce through this outer shell of a knock off gemstone.


The Narchon in Person :

A few things to look at:
Their character, it is important to realize that a narchon is not only in the etheric but also predominantly visible in a person who has narcissistic personality traits, a pre injured or broken mind and fractured soul.

More simply there is a flaw or a crack on the mirror, the flawed view of how they see themselves, the distortion.

Their traits are narcissistic obviously…
There are two types of Narcissistic traits, the covert Narcissism and the overt Narcissism
*( please note this is not a psychological analysis but an overall review)

To see more in depth I would suggest that you find the relevant websites and forums to make yourself more familiar with the basic understanding of Narcissism.

What happens if you go to a psychic or someone who is energetically connected with a false frequency or projected or “mirrored light” more simply stated, a fractured healer, guru, “light-worker” preacher, therapist, teacher or minister etc.

Some Traits to take note of

  • They pretend to be caring, kind, revealing a projection or mirror but it never reaches the heart…
  • Inside they are deeply narcissistic and display fractured light, a complacency towards the person that they pretend to help.
  • Their intention is to seek self aggrandizement and energy.
  • Narchons fool you because they know what you want, for example the therapist knows you need counseling so they live and breath that exact patterned frequency * see the Alien lovebite by Eve Lorgen and Lauda Leon.
  • Be aware of this particular aspect, as it can or may be referred to as twin flame or a toxic relationship.
  • Narchons are able to pretend to be that person that they project and you believe that exterior projection that they show you, an
    outward beacon of light….think Moon blinked, con of light, Archon.

devil inside

For example, a therapist or a minister uses the power of projection.

It all depends on how successful they are in that projection or act.
Remember it is frequency and energy that they seek, and it is always for their own self interest and at the cost of you…

  • This is the classic statement of don’t go into the light, because that particular light is of a colder frequency and nature.They don’t really care about helping people or making a difference, this is the projection of the light that they have worked on, to act in that way.The only way to see this person is to look at them with your heart, they cannot hide their heart.
    they may try to shield their hearts, under layers of personalities or masks, hiding their selfishness, ego, self absorbed entitled facade.

They love the public eye…sometimes act as a co dependent.

What is the intention ?
Narchons require energy and become consumed by this action or seeking and drawing out of you, this particular energy,  your life force.

They are clever

They will never spend energy on what they could lose, so they create devastation to generate energy.
At times sadistic behavior brings out acts of energy,

 ” I inflict pain therefore I am superior”
They create intentional frustration towards the other party because you have not seen their UNIQUE SUPERIORITY
NOTE: sadism is an added byproduct in the need to generate energy

*Please be mindful that I have gathered this information from a few clinical sites to understand the subject of narcissism.
fight or not fight the narc
boundaries override, did I allow it?
How do Narchons get away with murder, they do not have the natural reserve of conscience.
Narcs require energy, and are consumed by it, would not spend energy on what they could lose, so devastation is needed to generate energy
sadistic aspect in behaviour, acts of energy,  “I inflict pain therefore I am superior”
intentional frustration of the other party, not seeing their uniqueness

What to do ?

  • Rise up -attack first
  • Confront them, typical response will retaliate and attack you back
     you cut your loss and step away…
  • If you expose them, you are likely to be at risk in one way or another and it becomes a revenge factor, when you expose them, it will be at the expense of yourself.

False dichotomy adopt the mindset – strategize from this, no emotion, no romance, be detached, be earthen –

  • Contract revocations.
  • Seek help preferably heart feeling people 
  • Trust your instincts and your heart


Toxic Twin flame relationship:

Alien Lovebite -Paranormal Interference in Relationships

Artificial introduction of the Selfish gene
GOOGLE SELFISH LEDGER – https://youtu.be/fvUN6Cbogfo

Richard Grannon SpartanlifeCoach

Tunneling through Consciousness Collision

tribla shaman


Quote : ” Seth- “The human race is a stage though which various forms of consciousness travel.

Before you can be allowed into systems of reality that are more extensive and open, you must first learn to handle energy; and see, through physical materialization, the concrete result of thought and emotion.”

“In more advanced systems, thoughts and emotions are automatically and immediately translated into action… Therefore, the lessons must be taught and learned well. The responsibility for creation must be clearly understood.”

The Alchemical process of  Consciousness Distillation

Our Splendor of Internal Reality Colliding Clarity

“The entire solar system resembles the celestial body of a great being: this is the “logos” of the solar system, the “ineffable One” – Samael Aun Weor


Wiki meaning :  “too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.
“the ineffable mysteries of the soul”

Healing the Blind beggar – where spit was used and mixed with mud – water as in words and earth as in the mind
The healing of the NARCON or narcissistic archontic side of the matrix, by bringing clarity to the mind through water as an alchemical action.roguestarhip
To heal someone is to heal that very aspect within myself, to not be blind anymore is to heal my own blindness towards certain things.

The Collision of the half god half life system
The most high has captured or glimpsed or gleamed the serpent of fire,or feathered Dragon. feathers meaning air or thoughts and serpent meaning body of transitioning or the soul – Dragon
Fire as in movement through heat and emitting light.

In the following please take note that in your most highest mind or heart of standing in the internal realms, you have absorbed gnosis or knowledge of what is firey and moves like the Sacred Dragon or fiery embodiment of active light -fire is light,air and action.

This is the collision of two polarities becoming whole…please take note this is a figurative description to explain my observations and experiences as things are revealed now.

In this Collision or Colliding or collapsing as previously explained
recap – once upon a time were all godlike in our existence, and than we fell and we we became half god beings, tied up to the other half which is the matrix.

During this internal and external dance one could say, we are molding in our thoughts our experiences and we are becoming more whole in our awareness. What we think and feel we create as oppose to co create.

All things are a part etheric or spirit and another part earth,air,fire and water, and in these parts we are also linked and in this we are also Spirit, touching the face of the waters of the firmament, in thought as thoughts are air and waters are words and also referenced to water that surrounds us when we are babies.

I am using alchemy…The reason is to point out that all things that we are experiencing, has an alchemical or dimensional view or reflection of what is all of us as we are…Like a parable to see what is hidden and internal.

This is also to highlight that when you see and experience events natural and cosmic at time cataclysmic that you are aware, to interpret all things within your thoughts and that what you think and feel has a direct impact on all things.

Because this how you were formed – FIRST AS THOUGHT THAN YOU BECAME AN EXPRESSION.
You are energy in motion and your heart is the engine that steers while your head is the compass, your stomach the vessel for the soul and your feet the path. what crowns you is the spirit and where you are is in the boat the body.
What is wholeness ? It is important to not be associated with the idea or belief of singularity or oneness -(this is polarized), but to embrace the womb like wholeness of not only feminine but also masculine.

That which is male is figurative for the creator energy -Force,fire and the feminine earth and water
wholeness means to encompass all things and to be of all things but to not be any thing on its own.
The embodiment of the
demi god -half life system to be united with itself and to purge what does not serve and to gain what does, for higher awareness to move forward towards a whole healed moment-
The Sight must be in tune with what you are feeling by allowing your heart to work as the interpreter through whole thoughts in the light/not white not black or any colour to this but transparency of thoughts and spirit
no more mirroring.
these colors are attributed to the elements, earth air fire water and spirit or ether….
air -yellow
white or transparent /no color – Spirit
blue -water
green – earth
red- fire

The firmament is water like to soon be distilled with air -water ,remember are words soon to become purified with fire or heat this creates steam or air –

as above the air, the mind, the thoughts and the water as in speaking, words being uttered -total transparency, total clarity in your actions, in who you are and in where you are.
So the earth as in this location that we are in is the the same, the body as the pregnant woman giving birth or the body of the Christ when there was a spear pierced in his side, water and blood comes out of the wound.
All actions require a sense of an emotional connection to what one sets out to experience.
And in this where water and blood flows together we offer to do and speak more than we feel willing to do.


How do these elements and activities affect us personally:

We become our own Light, light of insight, awareness and in truth.
We step through the proverbial doorway of our consciousness and become a light emitting being, one that is already present in fact but it has taken a substantial effort on everyone’s part to make oneself aware of this.
This is not a primal union of life giving but a union of spirit…where we observe ourselves for who we are. We are the light we have been looking for, the light the knowledge the site of truth and transparency.

As we seek to become our own sovereign beings, we experience our abilities and our actions , we see and experience, we are no more separated from this process.
We embrace awareness, there are signs and wonders but the internal change is always internal because we are essentially Spirit in the form of our vessels.

Much Love !

Truth vs Belief Taunting You

Two Face Harvey Batman

We are living in a system to keep people ignorant…but it is important to be aware that all things have a metaphysical energetic frequency. It is through an array of frequencies that restructure your consciousness through beliefs that you are led to investigate. This is part of the journey in your life and also part of the gateways of the wormholes that you are going through diving in and out of ideas, beliefs and thought forms.

Fact # Malevolence operates on what you believe and what you do with it, be it emotional or spiritual.

Fact # Disinformation, is used to keep you ignorant of your own power, reading something and feeling tripped up by it is to make you feel that you start to delve into a lower place in thoughts, getting lost in translation.

Fact # If you know the truth, you work with your thoughts and feelings and your Heart, stop creating things that don’t assist you and cause you to doubt yourself, your playing into the hands that require your energy.

bruce lee


Discernment Required

Stop accepting things that make you feel a sense of doubt. This is where disinformation seeps through. The first part must be taken with an awareness that only if it feels  contradictory to your heart.(more personal)

Always operate from what you Feel.


I have learnt that if i feel “familiar or there is a knowing” with something that I read or hear or discuss, than this is truthful for me. I work with my intuitive and empathic skills all the time.

It is important to always trust your instincts in this matter. This is how I filter out disinformation. Also use your Bull shit Meter, everyone has one.

This being said, working on knowing who I am, and what I am is vital.

It is important that you re aware that once you delve into some information about a controversial subject, always trust your instincts, if you are not sure, let it be and it will return to you , if it does not, let it go. Discernment is needed to establish this statement, this does not mean that if you don’t understand the subject that you dismiss it, i am speaking about the depth of how you allow your Self to operate through

Fact # Recognize that you are stopped from believing that you can relate to feeling self empowering thoughts.

Fact # Truth will set you Free, always, also learn to be truthful towards yourself, this is how you have a knowing about who you are. Remember that for the most part , almost all individual have their memories altered in one polarity or another before they enter into this world..

when I say polarity, I am saying “have and have not”, “right vs wrong”, “yes vs no”…etc…

The Half of the other…dualism…The contexts of this statement must be taken with the knowing of common sense and awareness that you know who you are. hint : you are infinite consciousness eternally Spirit and whole not half life.

Polarity brings a sense of strife, thus creating a distraction from what is whole , an eternal jostle for power swaying from one end to the other, when both polarities are simply one face with one side in the dark. Remember Divide and Conquer -?

Beliefs will empower you or dis empower you, truth must become a knowing, but because you feel it to be so and this becomes truth of your sovereignty.

Fact # Anyone who does not want you to know that you are an infinite conscious being and therefore powerful in your existence, is someone or some thing that wants you to stay in the lower frequency as it is existing in. Because if you knew how powerful you are in your being, than you will break out of the web of lies and fakery.

Consciousness is an individual point of being…Consciousness must be understood and realized that you are fully in control of this faculty. That even when you physically leave your body, that you know who you are. Consciousness is intelligence of the Spirit. The Mind is the processor and the body the avatar.

Fact # Get to know who you are, by learning about what your truth is.

Fact # No one can fight your battles, you are the only one that can do that, but you will be supported always.

In Conclusion : It is important now to note that we carry our own responsibility.


Much Love !


The Narcissistic -Un Creator

“By Force , You will play this game with me”

Through the clearing and readjustment of the world and its energetic constructs, be prepared for the revelation of airing out the aspects that come forward. Clearing out i the key to go forward.

Malignant Narcisist Un Creative Magician

Play in my un-I-verse or i will destroy you, Accept my presence as my form that i use to control you , turning you into my stage of magic shows, be bedazzled and in awe…

The Imp in Love Bombing…

Mirror, Mirror

The word narcissism comes from a mythical Greek youth who couldn’t pull himself away from his own reflection. Narcissus was beautiful. Narcissists, on the other hand, don’t have to be beautiful to believe they are. They’re convinced that they’re superior, even when it’s not the reality.

The Demi Urgic Narcisitic un Creator Magician


Following are some thoughts on how to spot the trend of abuse, if all this applies to where you are , please reach out for help, talk to someone and more importantly , Say NO – you have the right to do this…

Has your relationship left you in a confused and anxious mess? Are you experiencing intense levels of adrenaline, anxiety and even rage that swings down into bleak depression without any reason whatsoever? Do you find yourself acting strangely, becoming uncharacteristically defensive or confrontational?” – referral link  http://narcissismdocumentary.com

The following parts are aspects taken from various sites to motivate the point of Self defense and to understand these people in a deeper level.


Identify the Narcissist by looking at the following points

Worship and Praise. people who seek praise all the time from you, draining you for constant energy. This is a beast that can never be fulfilled, energetic appetites are limitless.  Don’t expect praise in return, you will never receive it, your main existence is to feed the monster by giving in to their demands. If there is no stream admiration,expect hostile or aggressive behaviour very quickly.

A co dependent neurotic feed , god like worshiping…need to force reactions from people around themselves, Dramatic personality disorders. Half world, half life existence. Personality functions that if they don’t feel any emotional reactions towards them, they will simply not exist.

Entitlement , Grandiosity, Explosiveness. Many have to suffer for me to feel ok.

There must be an invasion of your boundary. Feeling frequently invaded, judged and more borderline, judging you as morally inefficient. This causes confusion.


As long as you are in the game of the Narcissist you will never be able to come out, step away, do not accept this psychological bullying and Mind control.

Test the fastest way, is to simply say NO to a demand or to an accusation. To not play in their stage.


Red Flags of an Abusive Relationship
Whirlwind Romance
Also called the “love bombing” phase.The person presents themselves as the perfect manifestation of everything you could ever want in a partner. By scanning and mirroring your core values, they can effectively slip past your ego defenses and wheedle their way straight into the most intimate vulnerable core space with unprecedented rapidity.

Too Much, Too Soon

My relationship, like most of the relationship stories I hear from clients, escalated far too fast. We were effectively living together within less than a week. The rapid erosion of the target’s boundaries and the de facto “boundary blurring” of the couple as two separate individuals is frequently far too fast and too extreme in emotionally abusive relationships. This is simply because it suits the agenda of the predator.

Pronounced Feelings of Doubt and Anxiety The “button pushing” phase. At some point the predatory narcissist has to start deliberately pushing your buttons to learn what really hurts you, to control you, to scan your inner emotional vulnerabilities more effectively to dominate you and to begin what is called the “trauma bonding” process of mixed pain and pleasure so that the victim becomes addicted to the narcissists presence.

Isolation from Support Network. The “divide and conquer” strategy. The narcissist needs the victim vulnerable and alone, so they can brainwash them more effectively. It does NOT suit the narcissist’s agenda to have the victim getting differing points of view, feedback or reality checks from others outside of the “two-person cult” the narcissist is trying to run.
Erosion of Values
The “up is down, in is out” strategy. Through subtle threats, manipulation, “poisoning the well,” gas lighting, passive abuse or outright shaming, mockery, and guilt tripping the narcissist can train the victim to start to doubt the validity of their core values and indeed their self-image and self-worth. The victim over time begins to despair, and their ego defenses start to fragment causing them to lose a sense of who they are and to act “totally out of character.” If you have people who have known you for a while expressing concern or telling you that you aren’t acting like yourself, this is a major red flag.-http://narcissismdocumentary.com

Find Help
Say NO
Set boundaries-
Stop feeding the Narcissist Obsession, Narcissist food of choice is an empath
End the Relationship-
Get Help Get away
Mantras of contract revocation of the soul and the spirit
Much Love

and feel free to ask questions or to drop me a line….



In the Center of Past/Post Trauma

post traumatic vision


The pain of the Empath

Right Now we are going through an emotional energetic pain barrier….unraveling the coiled serpent of pain from our past. Not only as an enlightened being, but also as a race of universal properties.

We are breaking through the old pains or wounds of our own post Traumatic events or stories.

Shooting through the Retro grading of the heavenly bodies of this universe…

Being the witness of the Ongoing loop of pain…The loop of post trauma that the world is in and as an Empath you are picking this up and feeding it energy by reacting to it in an emotional level…does this make sense?

How do we Heal any Wound, we have to transmute our emotional reaction to it, clearing out contracts.

Do Not Feed the Wound Cycle


The power of the wound creates a field of energy, just as thoughts are energetic in its essence.

When a person is emotionally wounded, there is always an emotional energy feeding that is required…this is the typical drowning man syndrome, this gives more direction as to what the emotionally wounded motives or intentions are.

More simpler, as an empath dealing with an other’s pain and your own, and how we perceive to deal with this wound that we feed by focusing on it and making it our own, when its not…and if it, we need to decide to break this down by transmuting the focus towards forcing your perception towards being whole.

Be very careful how you perceive an other’s pain…

Becoming Objective means becoming Whole

What you are looking at in objectively…step back for a sec…without emotion… is injured(injury creates an emotional loop where there is a feeder and  receiver).


We keep ourselves in an injured place(loop of energy for gain,because we feel unnoticed in our own pain)…

We seek emotional attention, because this helps us to maintain emotional energy for this infinite loop) you sense this, react energetically(spiritually, emotionally and physically, because this action feeds our PTSD loop or injury…

Healing the pain by not focusing on the pain or the infliction but on the fact that the pain is healed.


The higher path forward is when you work on getting to know who you are, it is a lonely path and only you can go through the eye of your needle.

Focus on wholeness and know that you are whole, because this means that you lack no thing…And all things are thoughts before it becomes literal.

Much love!


Find your Authenticity

cosmic_rose_essence_by_ellysiumn-I am all original

We have entered the proverbial eye of the needle now and all things are required for you to find yourself.

Preparing to evaluate yourself by literally decluttering yourself from all soul contracts that you are tapped into literally

Eye of the Needle- Vladimir Kush

Some aspects to will help to establish who you are, also remember that you may be feeling hyper sensitive because this is the only way you will be able to clear old emotional aspects or handles that are stuck. The old belief patterns.

The following points are meant to help to be in the process of healing things within yourself, allowing the focus to be lighter, so looking without being drawn into the drama.

The Passage of the Eye of the Needle or the Event

vladimer kush
Dawn- vladimir Kush


Be informed, to know what is coming, you are in the retro grading of emotions,perceptions and awareness.

What is coming is the True You, the you, you have been looking for, for some this may be like a cataclysm, and for others, the awakening of a new journey.

YOU – not the identifiable conscious personality in this world or the Personality, which is defined by your presence in the moment of now as this is yet another aspect of your consciousness.

The YOU is the one that you have been looking for, since you and I are the ones that are continuously creating our own Events of awareness, not ascension, but stepping up all the time to know this as the fundamental truth of Self, and ultimately to know that we are the ones plural that make out and for the macro I, as in I am…

It has been revealed to me that for the most part there are some of us that are entering our original state of existence. This is the Eye of the Needle.
This sense has the apparent appearance that we are merging with another universe, but in actual fact is not, we are expanding into another aspect of our original selves in universal concept.
one bubble expanding into another bubble and becoming another bubble…but there is no separation in this.
All heavenly bodies are lining up along with the new alignment or expansion of the expanding world or universe that we are living in.
the Pinecone is or D shaped world is expanding into a fuller version…

Its now the crunch time to work on clearing up emotional issues that may still stem from the mind and matrix construction that we are breaking down in us.


Discern perception Deceptions

The best way to realize that you are experiencing your own perceptions is when there seems to be an energy leakage, focusing on things that make you focus on it even more and in this focusing almost obsessively, you are being drained…Stop…

Break thoughts, note the energy drain, and disengage…you know you can.

After thinking about the negative for a moment you might realize that there are in fact no positive or negative experiences other than what we define as such. Therefore, our perception of an experience or situation has the ultimate power as to how we will feel when it’s happening and how our bodies will be affected.

Being Angry

Admit that you are angry, than ask yourself , why…the answer is almost always related to not feeling loved or being unacknowledged..


Changing your path by clearing out old Soul contracts….Being balanced, requires a releasing of old habitual behaviors or covert contracts that you may not even have realized you made. For instance: contract was created when you decided that you are not worthy of positive things for you…”nothing ever good happens for me” – this is the contract you have just created between you and the universe…

GW12contract paper 2

Remember the universe gives our what is being programmed into it…!

All things are created from Thought.



Be Grateful for internal change, especially when you have changed certain things…


Embrace yourself, you are a whole authentic being, filled with creativity and love


Much love